​​Taiwanese American Association of Biotechnology​

台美生技協會 (TAAB)
One year AD


Upcoming Events

  • The achievements of Disease-oriented research program in brain and mind sciences Cerebellum brainwave technology highlighted by APEC for health improvement.

One year AD

Our Misson

  • MOST Trust-U Program achieved another great success
    A treatment on Alzheimer's disease shows promise.

  • 【開放報名】2018藥物與醫材開發 關鍵實務研討會 TAAB Biomedical Workshop
  • Revolutionary Malleable 3D Spacer Fabric Composite Attracting USD4M from Strategic Investors in the Industries

TAAB members are mostly located in the United States and in Taiwan. The majority of the members has an advance degree in life science-related fields. A significant proportion of the members are academic researchers, senior scientists or in managerial positions in various fields of bio-pharmaceutical discovery and development.


TAAB is a nonprofit professional association of biological medicine

We promote biopharmaceutical and 
technological exchanges and business cooperation between the United States and Taiwan.