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  • 科技部打造「海外人才歸國橋接方案(LIFT, Leaders in Future Trend)

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  • Congratulations! Dr. Allen Wang is the gold winner of medical design!
  • 【開放報名】2018藥物與醫材開發 關鍵實務研討會 TAAP Biomedical Workshop

TAAP members are mostly located in the United States and in Taiwan. The majority of the members has an advance degree in life science-related fields. A significant proportion of the members are academic researchers, senior scientists or in managerial positions in various fields of bio-pharmaceutical discovery and development.


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TAAP is a nonprofit professional association of biological medicine

We promote biopharmaceutical and 
technological exchanges and business cooperation between the United States and Taiwan.

  • Position Opening at Lumosa Therapeutics
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